Victim Shaming in Christian Culture

The #metoo movement has been powerful in showing us just how many victims of sexual assault there are and revealing a glimpse of what people we know and love have been through. I’m excited about the awareness and understanding this has brought to the world. It is needed. There is change needed. Everyone would probably... Continue Reading →


A Break from the “Christian Bubble” is What My Relationship with God Needed

I have lived practically all my life in what many like to call the "Christian bubble." This means being enveloped by Christian teaching and Christian people, rarely interacting with secular society. From Pre-Kindergarten all the way through graduating college I have been in private Christian schooling, so most would say I've lived my life in... Continue Reading →

Honesty from a College Grad

You never know exactly what to expect when you’re about to graduate from college. You may be incredibly excited, or too scared to even think about it. You may or may not have a job lined up, a place to live, or the romantic relationship that you might desire. Regardless of whether or not you... Continue Reading →

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