Why People Self-Harm

I write this to give a voice to those who are depressed, distraught, alone. Those who may think of or be involved in harming themselves. I want to raise this voice because I was once there. My mind was once a much darker place than it is now. I've been thinking about writing on this... Continue Reading →


I Hated Working Out until I Became Obsessed with Yoga

Working out used to be a horrible experience for me. I knew it was something that I should be doing, but I had no time or energy. And on top of that, it felt like death. I would leave the gym feeling light-headed, my head throbbing, with more stress and less energy than I came... Continue Reading →

Living in Anxiety

Stress is a natural part of life. It's a natural reaction and it even helps motivate us. However, when you have an anxiety disorder, stress turns into overwhelming, debilitating, irrational fear. As someone with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I’ve realized how anxiety has the potential to invade every area of my life. And I’m continually trying... Continue Reading →

Honesty from a College Grad

You never know exactly what to expect when you’re about to graduate from college. You may be incredibly excited, or too scared to even think about it. You may or may not have a job lined up, a place to live, or the romantic relationship that you might desire. Regardless of whether or not you... Continue Reading →

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