I Hated Working Out until I Became Obsessed with Yoga

Working out used to be a horrible experience for me. I knew it was something that I should be doing, but I had no time or energy. And on top of that, it felt like death. I would leave the gym feeling light-headed, my head throbbing, with more stress and less energy than I came in with.

When I first tried yoga, it almost instantly changed my experience. I was able to challenge my body without becoming lightheaded. It was even relaxing and enjoyable at times. It took me a while to make yoga a consistent part of my life, but I eventually found the right routine and became committed to improving my health. It’s been more enjoyable and more worth it than I ever thought it would be.

If you honestly hate working out, I encourage you to keep trying, and adjust and adapt your routine. There are a lot of different options of how you can make exercise a regular part of your life in a way that’s best for your body and your schedule. For me, discovering yoga and developing the right routine made a world of difference. Here are three important elements that I would suggest pursuing if you need to change up your routine.

  • Convenient

I started out going to yoga classes at the gym. I enjoyed that, but it made it even easier for me to be consistent when I started using an app. I use the Asana Rebel app, which has many different yoga workouts of varying lengths. You can work out for 5 minutes on a busy day, or spend 20 or 40 minutes working out. Whatever works for your schedule, your goals, and your abilities. This has been very encouraging to me because the flexibility and accessibility has helped me stay consistent.

  • Fun

I have come to genuinely enjoy yoga. I often look forward to it. This is not to say that it’s not challenging. I don’t enjoy every second of the workout, because it pushes me. But there is enough that I enjoy about it that I actually want keep at it every day. I also feel much better about my body and its abilities with choosing this type of workout. I have more natural ability for body-weight exercises, flexibility, and balance – so I’ve chosen to develop and build on those strengths. I enjoy having something I can work towards improving, and a time in my day when I can relieve stress.

  • Fits My Health Goals

There are lots of reasons why I became motivated to work out regularly, particularly by doing yoga. I work out for mental health, muscle strength, stress relief, pain relief, and increased energy. When I realized how many reasons I had to be motivated to exercise, and saw how quickly yoga improved my health in these areas, it was much easier to stay consistent.

Everyone has areas of their health that can be improved by exercise. Don’t give up, try new methods and activities, and most of all remember what your reasons are for being motivated. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.


In Christ’s Love,




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