Victim Shaming in Christian Culture

The #metoo movement has been powerful in showing us just how many victims of sexual assault there are and revealing a glimpse of what people we know and love have been through. I’m excited about the awareness and understanding this has brought to the world. It is needed. There is change needed. Everyone would probably... Continue Reading →


MBTI Part 4: Debunking 3 Common Myths

Many of us are well aware of the benefits the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), as we have experienced it and put it to good use. Yet, there are plenty out there that relentlessly criticize MBTI, as if our real world enrichments are somehow illegitimate. Why do these people criticize MBTI? Perhaps the popularity encourages rebels... Continue Reading →

Why People Self-Harm

I write this to give a voice to those who are depressed, distraught, alone. Those who may think of or be involved in harming themselves. I want to raise this voice because I was once there. My mind was once a much darker place than it is now. I've been thinking about writing on this... Continue Reading →

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